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10 Facts about Mallorca & Real Estate in Mallorca

We all love Mallorca. As a holiday destination, place to live during the summer or some even call it home. Here are some mind blowing facts about our beloved Island.



1. The average Salary in Mallorca, before Tax is 30.000 per Year


2. If you want to visit one restaurant per day and never dine in the same again you could do that for over 11.5 Years


3. Mallorca’s population has doubled in the last 10 years


4. Half of Mallorca’s population lives in Palma.


5. It took over 400 years to build the cathedral of Palma. Four Hundred Years!!


6. You need a N.I.E Number to buy a home in Mallorca (NIE= Foreigner Tax Number)


7. You do not need a license or some sort of degree to start working as a real estate agent in Mallorca.


8. There are 49 Ports in Mallorca


9. Palma de Mallorca was ranked the second best city to live in by the TIMES in 2015


and last but not least


10. Mallorca has been awarded number two island in the world to retire. Number one is Malta, but we all know that’s only because of the 0% Tax….



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